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SODC Vitiligo

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SODC Vitiligo
SODC Vitiligo

Orario & Sede

20 set 2019, 19:00

India, India

Info sull'evento

SODC is the dream fruition of some of the finest brains of this country to recognize the Stalwarts in the field of Dermatology from a wide array of practical dermatological applications like Clinical to Aesthetics, Lasers and Hair Transplant providing budding young minds a unique mentorship opportunity from super-coaches and mentors .


We understand that until later half of the last century Dermatology was considered as a purely medical speciality in our country whereas our western peers emphasized more on its operational aspect. The emerging trend witnessed by the increasing adoption of new techniques like lasers etc is restricted to the metropolitan and major cities only. SODC targets to groom every individual attending this prestigious conference so that they render their services to each and every corner of the nation thus no patient remains deprived of the deserved treatment.


Dermatology being a widespread term which shelters both medical and surgical facets, the practicing dermatologists and the pursuing students do face the challenges of upgrading their skills and knowledge on a daily basis adhering to their busy schedules. SODC simplifies this quandary by mustering in the selected gems in a common forum.


SODC is endeavoring to make this debut occasion a landmark in the world of dermatological conferences.

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